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Thread: Telly

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    Favourite telly? he asked in a typical english accent - wot wot

    The Apprentice right now for me , so will be back in an hour or so

    also just started watching new series of The Fall

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    Been binging on The Newsroom. Aaron Sorkin's ping-pong dialogue and the speechifying sometimes get in the way (or maybe they make it what it is), but we really like it. Just finished season 1 on HBO Go.

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    I watched the first series of The Fall, I was absolutely convinced I had missed an episode. As I watch things on download I am often some time behind, was there any comments at the time on the lack of an ending at part 5?
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    Big Bang Theory. Hot in Cleveland. Corrie. (there, I said it)

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    Supernatural, Archer, Sleepy Hollow, random documentaries.

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    Blacklist, Sons of Anarchy, Pawn Stars, American Pickers...



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    Supernatural, Walking Dead, and my guilty pleasure, Teen Wolf. Yes, I like speculative fiction.


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    On TV now, The Walking Dead, Mike Tyson Mysteries, and even though this season has been weak, Sleepy Hollow.

    Oh, and Justified.

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    Sports, and sports. I watch a match, and then highlights. I could watch sports highlights in a tornado. Other than that, I tune into walking dead on Sunday nights. Don't use the tv service much other than that, but I do make use of netflix, especially now that the patio season is over. Currently working my way through The Killing, which I did not know about previously. I'm hot and cold with it, but now that I've started I will work through all of it. Looking forward to the next season of House of Cards.
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