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Thread: quick dirty impressions of JR aquascope

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    quick dirty impressions of JR aquascope

    quick dirty impressions

    blue is nice...especially the shiny blued hands; again impressed with the 'floating' indices

    quite a bit of depth to the dial here

    the rubbergator is nice

    like super comfy

    clasp is very well designed

    The crown is oddly hard to grip to screw..with the terrascope I just kinda pick it out with a nail and off we go, not this one.
    this one here it kinda screws in like a GS(winding as u screw in)

    cool caseback, feels a bit scratchy

    brushed look on the bezel, and sunken lume pip is pretty cool,bezel clicks clean

    facet-ed date window is nice too, I think the font seems a bit weird

    lume not as great as the terrascope I had..slightly splotchy on the hour hand

    for some reason I thought the white of the terrascope to be more polar, comparison pic

    good value overall

    lume shot of course
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    Congrats! Great pics as usual from you! I do really like therubbergator band. I think I'll have to figure out how to get one for mine! Yes I will. Wear this in great health and much happiness!

    I posted a lume shot of mine earlier today that shows pretty good lume on my Aquascope:

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    B&M Capeland Flyback/Muhle Glashutte 29er Big/Grand Seiko SBGR083/JeanRichard Aquascope/UTS 1000m V2/Ebel 1911 BTR Cal137/Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso/Lew & Huey Acionna

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    I really like that color combination.

    I would be curious to hear your impressions of the Rubbergator strap. It received quite a bit of news when it was announced but I've read very little since. I am interested to know how it wears over time and if the gator pattern wears down.

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    Love the blue rubber!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeylacroix View Post

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    updated with new pics

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