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Thread: **** Sekonda Time - Quartz ****

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits

    **** Sekonda Time - Quartz ****

    Well now what do we have here. I take it to be 80's/90's could be later but don't feel it as such happy to have some one correct me if they know so the strap was original and sorry to say bin worthy so for a bit of fun have put it on a leather nato.
    pick up in a job-lot of Russian and other watches new 371 battery new strap and a good clean and is good to go

    movement shots here we go

    so am calling it a

    Luch/Chaika caliber 2356 quartz movement
    ... 10- Ligne
    ... 8-jewels
    ... Hacking
    ... SR920SW (#371) button cell

    think I am right but as I say happy to hear more

    so working things out I got seven quartz that are Russian five work two don't at the minute

    so have you guys got any working or not Russian quartz ?

    as always Ismy

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    After 5 straight hours search (not joking)

    Name:  Seconda_2.jpg
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    Internet was like

    Name:  wtf_obama.jpg
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    But... but..but,but,but
    I found this

    Name:  electronics_museum.gif
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    The guy is obsessed with electric/electronic things USSR, and there are tons of material, watches too.

    (btw, have you considered adopting cute russian translator, may be?)
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