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Thread: Cape Code Cloths....should of got these things a long time ago!

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    Cape Code Cloths....should of got these things a long time ago!

    Man, I wish I got these cloths a while ago. Nearly 3 years of pools,, long outdoor hikes, beach time and shallow water dives, traveling through several different countries around the world with my Explorer 2 seeing some amazing structures man made and natural... it stood up the test of time. I always loved it but these things have left some battle scares. Nothing bad as I always cared for one of my prize pieces and I always thought it looked good but forgot how good it looked the day it came home with me. Finally decided to pick up a cape cod cloth kit. Man, I'm in love with my Ex2 all over again! Almost forgot how amazing Rolex did on the finishing and details of the casework and bracelet. The high polished and brushed areas done to near perfection. After about 15 minutes of cleaning then polishing the case, ,bracelet, bezel and polished sides I think it looks better then the day I purchased it from the AD. Really rekindled my love! I'm not a polishing nut nor am I one for cleaning my watches constantly but it sure is a treat to see this beauty in pristine condition after 3 years. It seemed to get rid of 95% of the scratches I had accumulated over the last few years and I'm very impressed with this product.
    Hope you enjoy results of the pics!

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    It is amazing how well they work, and they don't soften the edges of the watch either.

    Make sure you read the fine print on the packet though....

    "Not for use on Grand Seiko"

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    Agree Domo, I should of read the warning. I actually used it already on my SBGH001. I tried to capture the level of polishing and finishing of the sides of the case but this is the best pic I could get...

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    I've read that you should not use them on brushed surfaces, only that correct?

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    I used it on the bracelet and clasp which are brushed and it came out fine. I did however rub lighter on the brushed surfaces just to be careful. The clasp, like many others will attest, seem to be a scratch n scuff magnet and my clasp was no exception. It did just a good a job on the brushed areas as the polished. The effect of the polished areas become more mirror finished and show off the finishing to the fullness of the case work. It also compliments the brushed work as well by showing more in detail the brush lines of the steel. In a way, its sort of an enhancer to what is already there.

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    Good to know, thank you JP!

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    Looks beautiful.
    They really do work as advertised.

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    Great work...looks beautiful!
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    I'm not completely convinced by Cape Cod cloths myself as they seem to be a bit too extreme. You have to be so careful that you don't overdo it and ruin a brushed area. Personally I prefer steel polish such as Ako and use cotton buds to all areas with varying degrees of pressure applied.
    EDIT: All that being said, you have achieved excellent results. Well done.
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