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Thread: Brand ambassadors least likely to make you buy a watch

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    Brand ambassadors least likely to make you buy a watch

    If you ever needed a reason not to buy a Mont Blanc

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    Olma, Oris, Vostok, Casio, Smiths, Luch, Elgin, Fossil, Orient

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    I don't think she's actually a Rolex Ambassador, but if she was, it would turn me off the brand in a split second. She is however, wearing a Rolex, in this picture.

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    Andy Murray is a Rado ambassador, doesn't influence me one way or another.
    Bulova sponsoring Man Utd makes me never want to own one again...
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    Call me an anti-capitalist (I'm definitely not!), but I never understood celebrity endorsements at all, unless they were functional. They show Murray hitting a speed bag (very lightly!) with the watch on, but they don't show him playing tennis in a match with it on. If they did, and said the watch was tough enough for that, maybe it would influence me if I were looking for a watch to play tennis with. Otherwise, who cares what a celebrity thinks is a good watch?

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    No !
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    No !
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    No !
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    Ma'an that campaign annoyed me.

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    I wonder why they didn't use a more recent realistic picture.
    Even his grandma is quoted as saying he hasn't been cute looking since Titanic.

    More of a would you buy a used car from him vibe.
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