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Thread: A picture tells a ..... err just a few words

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    A picture tells a ..... err just a few words

    Given these pictures guess what I'm thinking of:

    Name:  woman.jpg
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Size:  21.4 KB + Name:  face1.png
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Size:  31.6 KB + Name:  face3.jpg
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    HINT: It's horological

    I've deliberately bodged the file names so you can't cheat

    You come up with one .... when you decipher it
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    It might have the makings of a 'game' ?....

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    Talking about buildings and aliens, obvs

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    Richard Simmons office-ially likes greens

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    My son's guess is "Teacher there is an alien in the school"

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    OK, I'll added a clue in the OP, first one to get it gets to construct another , plenty of clipart (or line drawings) out there , but you can use small photo's too if needed... they don't have to be the usual massive photo's ... so think on !
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    Seiko Monster

    (although I don't understand where I got the "ko")

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    Company = Co.

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