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Thread: watch buying decisions

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    watch buying decisions

    let's say there are two watches that are very similar (thematically) that you want equally.

    watch 1 is:
    limited production and a few years out of production to boot so limited number of new examples available
    half the price of watch 2
    is a version of a watch you already own (slightly different case+styling but same movement)

    watch 2 is:
    brand new to market so will be available for a few years yet
    twice the price of watch 1
    while a similar style, is a completely different movement and not a movement you have already

    how does one deal with this sort of situation?
    my usual method was to basically look at something else that I passed over previously but that first point related to watch 1 is a tough one to forget about.

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    ^^^ctrl+alt+delete the mind, turn 180 and buy smtn completely different than the original plan...

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    Hold them both in your hand and see which one grabs you.
    If neither says I must have this one and you previously decided against buying the older then are you 100% you want either.

    Specifics or general question?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkO View Post
    Hold them both in your hand and see which one grabs you.

    This, plus in the long-term I wouldn't want to keep both watch 1 and its sibling that you already have. Not everyone operates that way, but I'd be asking myself if I could potentially do without the sibling.

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    Show us the pictures of aforementioned watch 1 and watch 2 (and watch already got)

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    My mindset says grab the limited edition while you can... Assuming the theme of the limited edition is of any interest to you ?
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    When truly stuck I say buy the cheapest, and spend the rest on beer, and a meal with the missus to placate her.
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    Agree with going for the Limited Edition model.
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    Count me in on the out of production and cheaper model.

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    There's only one WIS way for these kind of problem...

    when in doubt... buy BOTH.

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