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Thread: Rangeman straps differences

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    Rangeman straps differences

    Because our other watch site can't seem to get their search glitches working, I figured I'd ask here.

    Is there a huge difference between the carbon fiber and regular straps? Worth the costs?

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    Hi Drop,

    Frankly I do not see the functional addition of a Carbon Fiber strap on the Rangeman. I have them both with and without. The strap with has a slightly different feel than the resin version. Of course the strap is stronger with a carbon fiber insert, but the polyurethane straps have proofed in the past that they are very strong too. As the carbon Fiber straps are not really long around, I can't really tell anything about the durability, but as it refers to a carbon fiber insert, I have doubt that a carbon fiber strap will last significantly longer. While there are real quality differences between cheeper G-Shocks (let's say <$500) and premium G-Shocks, like the MT-G and MR-G models, I do not see additional value to a carbon fiber strap other than that it is just a cool material. Well, it's of course my personal opinion from my current knowledge, but I think I'm not too far off.



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    I don't have a Rangeman with a carbon fiber strap, but I have several other models that do. I am not sure I see the advantage either. Of course, durability overtime is something we cannot yet have any evidence about.

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    I have tried both Rangeman straps and don't feel a difference. At least with the Mudman we got a carbon fiber keeper for bling!

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    I don't know about the Rangeman, I can't feel any difference too..but the CF strap on my GW-5030D feels really comfortable..not sure if it's because of the CF in Rangeman (men??) are just inserts while the one in 5030 is the entire strap itself..

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