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Thread: Windows 10; how scared should I be?

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    Windows 10; how scared should I be?

    Apologies if a Windows 10 thread alrrady exists but I couldn't see one. Anyway, my laptop has started the download. Should I run for the hills or pour myself a glass of port?

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    Depends on how much pain and suffering you want in your computer life.....
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    What's wrong with the one (7pro) I've got ?

    I've only just migrated to that from xp 6 months ago

    I've got the offer of a free 10 upgrade , but it's staying in the taskbar for now

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    I'm looking forward to getting it on my Surface tablet and, more so, on my phone.
    Windows 8 wasn't a huge success but it was a big step on phones for Microsoft, I think it's the best phone OS out there and can't wait for Windows 10 Mobile to arrive later in the year.
    Keep us posted on how you get on with it please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by man of kent View Post
    Anyway, my laptop has started the download.
    Just because it's downloaded, doesn't mean you have to install it ... it's an option, not mandatory.
    Personally I'd never run an 'upgrade' any way - I'd always wipe the drive & do a clean install. I appreciate not every one is comfortable doing this.
    I've been running windows10 for a while on a virtual machine, and my conclusion (for what it's worth) is:
    If you're used to Windows 7 - Stick with Windows 7. 10 will just confuse & annoy you. It did/does me. I'm quite happy with my Windows 7 setup and from what I've seen, Windows 10 is no good reason to change it. If it ain't broke... and all that.
    If you're a Windows 8 user (and haven't got it set to look like Windows 7 !) - It's a no brainer, go to Windows 10.
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    I'm an 8 user on my Surface, but I won't run headfirst into 10. Not scared of it at all though.
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    I neutered Windows 8 but I'll accept Windows 10 - on the basis that I might as well get used to it.

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    Well generally every other Microsoft operating system is decent. 98 decent, 2000/ME sucked, XP decent, Vista sucked, 7 decent, 8 sucked so 10 should be alright.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tribe125 View Post
    I neutered Windows 8 but I'll accept Windows 10 - on the basis that I might as well get used to it.
    I'm not sure I can trust an OS from a company that can't even count. That kind of rudimentary slip up would never have happened with if Bill Gates was still in charge

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