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Thread: E is for the ?? name the watches

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits

    E is for the ?? name the watches

    well we now come to the letter E

    well I got a few Eaglemoss watches well had a few will put up the pan-a-like we like to call the pizza we took the second hand off as to make it closer to the original then for a bit of fun I took the hands off and put red one's on.

    You also have the two fantys as we called them short for infantry watches with silver and then black cases.

    As well as a can't remember this one it was one of the subby range.

    So as with the other threads if you have the letter E let's see them all of them

    As always Ismy

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    Paging Rick Denney...
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    I have been called. I'll not attempt to include them all, and those with models names that fit under another letters I'll put there.

    Ebel 1911 Chronometer

    Ebel Chronograph (with caliber 134, a Zenith caliber 40.0 El Primero)

    Ebel Type E--not much way to put this under any other letter!

    Not all my E's are Ebels.

    Just another Ebel, a rather lovely 36mm case containing an Ebel caliber 214--A nicely decorated AS1687 with an autowinder that was the product of companies that were members of the Community of Precision Watchmaking, which Charles Blum (son of the Ebel founders) helped found in 1957.

    Ebel 100, in the limited Anniversary edition made in 2011. (I hope I haven't already used this picture under C).

    There are probably others that I don't have pictures of.

    Rick "too many Ebels to show them all" Denney
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rdenney View Post

    Ebel 100, in the limited Anniversary edition
    IMO the nicest Ebel. Their other models are too, errrr, "particular" for my taste...

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    E is for the ?? name the watches

    Quote Originally Posted by I-B View Post
    IMO the nicest Ebel. Their other models are too, errrr, "particular" for my taste...
    I understand. Of course, we complain when companies aren't original, and then complain when they are. But originality and uniqueness are always polarizing.

    I'm sure our Rado buddies know what I mean.

    Rick "who likes have stuff few others have" Denney
    More than 500 characters worth of watches.

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