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Thread: Seems really weird to welcome people...

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    Seems really weird to welcome people...

    When I have only been here for a day?

    I usually wait months before "welcoming" as it feels like standing near the door of a party you crashed saying hello and inviting people to partake of the food and libations. It just feels different from that here, I wonder why.

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    It feels cozy and warm here, so I don't have a problem with welcoming users already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imitation of Life View Post
    It feels cozy and warm here, so I don't have a problem with welcoming users already.

    True. I was an active member at he other forum for years with 4,000 posts. Similar crew here, nice people....

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    Can I get anyone a glass of wine?

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    We've all only been here for 3/4 weeks tops so not much you can do about it! Plus we're most of us NOS here anyway

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    The Lobby is sorta like a family reunion right now and it's been great to see.
    In the future we hope it'll continue to be a friendly place for genuinely new enthusiasts to post inquiries and introductions. That'll take time though.

    Few things are more delightful than grandchildren fighting over your lap. ~Doug Larson

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    I think it's a self-selecting thing; the people here have chosen to come, it's kind of like the pioneers or astronauts (OK, on a far more trivial scale, admitted). You get the people who truly love the discussions and are really watch people. I theorize that the "what's the best watch for under $150/$500/$1000/$3000" people don't arrive until after the forum has gained substantial critical mass. Until then, it's just us...

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