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Thread: new blue arrival

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    rolex pic as answer guy mikeylacroix's Avatar
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    new blue arrival

    I have been lusting after this for so long its not even funny anymore...
    I got the plat dial version, and promptly traded for the 16623. Not long after that I got my hands on the 2tone gold dial-ed well as a 35mm plat version for the lady.
    Wu man's modded version only furthered my desire for a bluey.
    The release of the new black dial-ed model lit a fire under me to get my ass in gear and get rid of the 2t for this.
    DavidSW gave me a good trade in price and here we are. Was supposed to get it Monday but gotta give fedex props for their weekend deliveries.

    the lugs are better designed on the newer model, its still a sexy curve and sits low with the thinner caseback.
    for me i like how the end links don't jut out anymore.

    red pops big time against the blue

    pcl not for everyone

    one thing i have always liked is the grained texture of the ym bezel

    raised numerals a bit BP trilogy like..not as chunky though

    modern kick ass bracelet

    i wear it long on the 6 side so the clasp sits nice on the 12. Clasp is shorter than the older models.

    crazy blue

    very pretty

    modern blue lume

    is it everything I have thought it to be? yep. (now to mod it wu style...?)

    wrist shot!

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    Congratulations! That is one beautiful Rolex and one you don't see very often. The dial is such a lovely shade of blue. Excellent photos, too!

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    What a Gorgeous blue dial! great shots Mickey..

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    It's a beauty. Great photos. Congratulations!
    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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    Beautiful. I like it better than the two tone, so I think it's an excellent move.

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    That's a BEAUTY for sure.Congrats
    & you got it from the right man
    ..Purchasing from him is as good as going to an AD
    People sleep peaceably in their beds @ night ONLY because rough men stand ready to do VIOLENCE
    on their behalf.....



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    That's a beauty Mikey and as usual your pictures are outstanding.

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    very nice! I am glad to see the YM getting props here - it's a beauty

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