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Thread: something for JP, Chase and all them bronze thinkers...

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    something for JP, Chase and all them bronze thinkers...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeylacroix View Post
    Looked interesting until I saw the date at 4:30.

    Now, a no-date version might be interesting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlcor View Post
    Looked interesting until I saw the date at 4:30.

    Now, a no-date version might be interesting...
    ^^^ That
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeylacroix View Post
    I like that. And the price is pretty nice. I wish it was a solid caseback though.

    I'd never buy a Vintage VBD though.
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    I don't see that Vintage VDB being comfortable on my round wrist with the flat case and long lugs. Additionally as I've said before one bronze watch was enough to convince me they are not for me since I'm not a fan of patina.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mlcor View Post
    Looked interesting until I saw the date at 4:30.

    Now, a no-date version might be interesting...
    I thought the same thing. I think I like the date better at 4:30 than in place of the 3 o'clock marker like on the Planet Ocean. 9 times out of 10 I think a watch looks better without a date. I remember reading a post by the head of Lum-Tec and he said the no date watches don't sell nearly as well as models with the date.

    Name:  Omega PO on Nato small.jpg
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    There are a lot of VDB's I've been interested in but the typically large cases and certainly the straight lugs make them unwearable for me. Think this is the first bronze one I've seen.

    All I know about Zoretto is they are a recent kickstarter watch.

    I like bronze but am very particular about them. The favourite one I've had was the Aquadive. A few others I've flipped rather quickly. I certainly wouldn't be adverse to another.

    Oh and I don't mind the 4:30 date, at least it is a black date wheel. Would drive me up the wall were it white.
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    Looks great! Thanks for posting! As you may of known by now I made up my mind with a bronze diver...
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    I have to say ,this is the most impressed I been with a watch under 1K. The details in the sandwich dial are just as good as my Pam111G. I'm being honest not just saying it. When I purchased my Damasko DK101 I admittedly said it wasn't up to expectations on finishing in details in the 3K+ range. This exceeds it IMO in the -1K range and even a little above. I know many don't like the display back on a "tool" or diver watch but I think its pretty cool when a brand is capable to make a watch 300-500M+ water resistant and add a display back. May look nice for some underwater pics as well. Although its merely a Miyota is a very nicely decorated one and owning a Lum Tec with a Miyota, only have good things to say about the movement. Its been fun already as its been a hot n humid weekend wearing it out all day in the sun. Seeing the patina set it in already has been surprising. Couldn't ask for better lume. I have way too many pieces with a date and its nice to have a watch with no date for a change. Just set & forget. I am growing to like the SS HEV & SS crown as I now understand why it is SS, thanks to Brian! Also, the aftermarket straps I'm looking at have SS buckle so it will match with having a little SS on the watch itself. The crown is very comfortable @4 and sinks in deep into the case. very out of the way and unnoticeable on the wrist. Although I been loving owning this bronze piece not sure how many more I would like because I purchased it solely to have it accrue patina naturally overtime, as a beater and embrace the ding, scruffs and scratches. Its nice to have one bronze in the collection because more then that will take longer to get the natural patina I want. To those who are considering owning a bronze piece, I will all add to its a nice change and the enjoyment of owning a "living" alloy for a watch case oppose to my precious high polished pieces I try not to scratch its refreshing to own a piece that looks better with scratches and scuffs!
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    Some of those bronze watches have a serious patina going on.
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