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Thread: CCC madness continues...polished bronze!

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    CCC madness continues...polished bronze!

    As much as I want to get started on the patina, I just couldn't resist seeing what the cape cod cloth could do on bronze. It definitely takes more elbow grease then SS but the results are pretty nice! I figured it can't hurt to start off fresh.
    I didn't touch the buckle to show you how the patina started looking only after a weekend swimming in the ocean....

    Looking forward to a natural patina but wanted to start off fresh! See the full beauty of the polished bronze because once I get a nice aged, natural patina going I might not want to polish it.

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    Just for those who wondered what cape cod cloth does for bronze...I'm liking it!

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    Quick, lacquer it.

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    It is amazing how nicely bronze polishes up. Shiny or well-patinated are the only ways to go.

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    _______________ between several stools
    one of each

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    That looks great with the lume.

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    And yet, so many people these days hate gold. You have made bronze look very gold-like!
    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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    Thank you very much JP!

    i want to make a request to see the watch fresh from CCC but i was hesitate... but now you seem like read my mind! it look fantastic! to bad it wont stay that way for long...

    agree with Uber... one of each! haha!

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    Dude, you are as OCD as Rod and me. I don't ever see you developing any patina to speak of, nor would I. Looks great!

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    That is some shiny bronze. It does look like gold, actually.

    What compound is it? If I remember correctly, some of the earlier bronze pieces had a pinkish hue.

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    Beautiful Magrette JP!

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