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Thread: Speaking of shoes - hydrolysis claims another victim

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    Speaking of shoes - hydrolysis claims another victim

    About 12 years ago I had a pair of Ecco hiking boots fall apart, but only after I'd worn them for a few years of Scout Leader hiking activities. Didn't think much about it.
    But last week I got a pair of shoes out of my storage facility. Maybe about 6 years old but worn exactly ONE time. Attractive French Shriner wing tips - but with fill length polyurethane soles/heels. Bought them when I had to walk up to give a reading at a church service (wedding) and didn't want to make loud clump-clump noises that leather soles/heels make in that situation.

    Have another wedding I have to read at (why me?) so I went to get the shoes. The soles literally fall apart in my hands. Apparently this is common though I hadn't heard about it. Looks like it is what happened to my hiking boots. Also. it looks like you're screwed when this happens. Think I'll just make noise.

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    Had something similar with Clarkes shoes a few years ago. Not worn for some time, took as spare. When started to walk the soles stayed were the last step
    Keep to rubber soles now.

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    I think it's quite normal,when the shoes reached certain age,the glue and the midsole/outsole material started to deteriorate

    Being a sneakerhead,this is quite common on Nike shoes,my Jordan 18 from 2003 has the midsole material fell apart,puncturing and ripped the outer plastic cover,and there's another shoes (Garnett 3 from 2000/2001) where the air unit detached from the midsole

    In most of my other sneakers,usually it's the glue that is deteriorating...and weirdly it only happened on the newer stuff (post 2000),had my Original Jordan 11 from 1996 and the sole materials are still intact

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    This just happened to my Timberlands.
    Not happy as they say they only expect the polyurethane midsoles to last 5 years.

    Only had these a few years

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