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Thread: Do You Carry a Backup Watch?

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    Do You Carry a Backup Watch?

    Do you carry a backup watch? Or do you keep a spare watch in your office for those times when you forget your watch? Or for when you might want to switch watches midday? Do you have a sports watch if your office desk drawer in case you have an impromptu softball game after work?

    I'm writing an article about people who carry or keep backup watches in their bags or offices. I'm curious to know if you carry a spare watch, and if you do, why and what kind.

    I'll post my article about Backup Watches IWL Central first and then on my website afterwards.


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    I do not. The watch I put on in the morning is the one I take off at night. The only exception is if I'm going to the gym...I carry an extra watch in my gym bag to work out in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Upstate View Post
    I do not. The watch I put on in the morning is the one I take off at night. The only exception is if I'm going to the gym...I carry an extra watch in my gym bag to work out in.
    A gym bag counts! Do you use a special watch carrying case of any kind? Or just use a ziplock baggie or something along those lines?

    What watch do you use for the gym, and what are you switching from?

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    I do not carry a spare watch. I wear one and carry one when I travel, but not as a spare.

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    Nope. I wear the same watch all day.

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    Yes... i call that pocket watch-- a phone..

    beside i only have one watch. (on the wrist =)

    honest WIS answer: yes, i always carry a back-up, in the bag, in the car, laptop bag, in the drawer on my working place and so on... and so far never needed them =)

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    Usually a cheap digital in my car or gym bag

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    I used to keep the Pelagos with me for when I was at the shop and needed to change. Would depend what I was doing of course. Anything too unclean and I would just take whatever I wore there off and go naked. Nowadays I don't have a need for that so whatever I leave with in the morning has to do me.

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    Yep. I usually carry my trusty old Timex Triathlon as a backup in my purse:
    Or occasionally my DW-1000:

    In addition, I always have a packed swim bag in my van, in which resides my basic G-5600e, in case a swim breaks out and I'm not wearing an appropriate watch that day:
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    Yep, Casio F91W. Useful as a backup and also because it does many things most of my other watches do not,

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