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Thread: Fabergé watches?? Who knew.

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    Fabergé watches?? Who knew.

    But they are releasing a bunch. This one looks interesting, called the Visionnaire:

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    Movement comes from APRP (which is majority owned by Audemars Piguet). 44 by 13.3mm (so, not dainty!), platinum case, 72 hour power reserve, 21,600 vph. Oh, and a bargain at CHF 245,000. But it does look interesting and different. More info at

    They also make some fascinating (and equally pricey, I'm sure) women's watches, some of which I cannot figure out how to tell time with. An example:

    Name:  faberge-lady-compliquee-peacock-1.jpg
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    Here's an explanation: "On this 38-millimeter dial, the time is read at 3 o'clock that is in the extension of the crown. This magnificently poetic expression of time has the minutes indicated at the tip of the peacock's tail feathers, while the hours glide in the opposite direction, a unique way to show the time..." It's a retrograde minutes, too, as the peacock fan snaps back at the start of each new hour. Price? Upon request, of course. In other words, if you have to ask...

    Some great pictures, and a video showing how it works, are here:

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    That peacock one looks beautiful, and looks easy enough to tell the time from

    For a woman eh?, I'd buy that !! if it wasn't priced like only a Fabergé ​would undoubtedly be.

    Or maybe if I could just afford it , seriously nice.

    Diamonds on the dial would be ok, but you could lose the ones on the periphery outside for me.

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    That peacock watch is just beautiful, really lovely.

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    One heck of a bird-themed watch for sure.....
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