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Thread: Psychological test: what does watch means to you

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    Psychological test: what does watch means to you

    Found this at the back of the manga in a bookstore,just thought I wanna share it here...

    Here are the translations:

    Psychological test

    What does watch means to you?

    I do the translations on the characters clockwise from 1'o clock position

    I want to wear it all the time

    Strong and durable

    I want,because I don't have it

    Something precious

    One of the thing that I meticulously take care of

    Not necessary because there's mobile/cellular phone

    On the lower part:


    Your answer represents the meaning of lover to you

    Iyonk,feel free to correct the translations

    Having read that...I have worn 3 different watches in less than 10 hours

    And my defense is...I just like varieties

    Any comments on this particular thing?

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    If 'watch'='lover' what does the answer 'Not necessary because there's mobile/cellular phone' mean - Hitachi? On a serious note, though, what does compulsive action of licking watch crystal tell us about a person?

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    I think it's the primitive version of "if I lick it,it's mine" kinda mentality LOL

    As for the "there's mobile/cell phone" I think represents people who doesn't have any lover and decided to focus solely on their career/business (it's quite common nowadays)

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    You did excellent translation brader!

    i have nothing to add or interest in the psychological aspect... i think i love watches since i was a kid and it is in the blood hehehe.

    i know the 'addiction' strike back hard about 4 years ago... but it is more of 'revenge time'..
    i'm a poor boy from a poor family (sounds like bohemian rhapsody)... when i was a boy, i spend hours in a week looking at watches from the front window of the watch store... i'm so fascinated by them yet can not afford any... today my wishes quite come true... i got some variation of watches even though nothing luxury.. and smile how i know can put them on the wrist, not just looking at the glass window of a watch store..

    and now the vicious circle start from the begining... i see some luxury beauty on WRUW thread and drooling at the beautiful pictures from all member here... yet, back like a poor kid, i can not afford them!

    as for the psychological aspect about watches relationship to girlfriend/love partner... well, i married my best friend... she is not 'luxury or high end or high class'... but she fascinated me in everyway, and truly love her the way she is... she exceed my imagenations and would never trade for one anything else...

    see.. not comparable to my watch sickness at all hehehe...

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    Well,I post this more as a tongue in cheek kinda of thing,nothing to deep into psychological aspect of this hobby,I just happened to found this on the back of a manga and I just wanna share it here

    As for lyonk,stay calm man!! When I was younger I have fascinated by watches as well,seeing a Rolex (as cliché as it sounds) worn by my grandpa's friend

    Back then I never thought I'll be able to own more than 1 luxury watch too,but keep dreaming and work hard bro,you'll get there without even realizing it

    In regard to love partner,I have none since I'm too busy with work,gym and church matter,so I'm sorry of my remark might mislead people to think that I'm a playboy like James Bond (I'm not,my life is not that glamorous)

    I also agree to the advice on marrying your best friend,someone with whom you can comfortably be yourself,it's a good reminder too

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    Heh heh... nice one. What can I say? I have lived with my wife for 27 years now, and I have had some of the same watches for almost 40 years. Yet, when I started collecting watches the flood gates flew wide open. So far I have not started collecting wives in the same manner, thank goodness.
    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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    The only response I can come up with is...bizarre.

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    One of the thing that I meticulously take care of
    My vote.

    Hope that does not make me abby-normal.......
    "Either He's Dead, Or My Watch Has Stopped....."
    Groucho Marx

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    Oooooo....psychological tests and I don't usually end well. Those white jackets with the leather straps are really uncomfortable.
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    I PLEAD the 5TH
    People sleep peaceably in their beds @ night ONLY because rough men stand ready to do VIOLENCE
    on their behalf.....



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