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Thread: Short rant. After 20+ years of madness its settling

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    Short rant. After 20+ years of madness its settling

    After recently acquiring a little one in the household my priorities are changing with the new little resident in our home. I plan to jump start a savings account towards a college fund among baby things in general as I'm sure many of you know are not cheap! Also purchased a new family car among many home improvements being done. I am selling off quite a few pieces and been giving it deep thought to watches I currently own, want to hold on to or sell. The ones I have that are just ok and not too enthused about vs the watches I love that I can see enjoying into the rest of my 30s, 40s and beyond. The realization that many of these watches will need service down the road is another financial burden I don't think I'm willing to deal with. Buying the watches is not the problem, it's servicing 20+ mechanicals down the road I consider. I'm actually quite a sentimental person and want to keep the watches that mean something to me and that I'm truly passionate about additionally to the memories, my interest in the brand, movement and of course how aesthetically pleasing a piece is to me. Giving these watches more wrist time that I really enjoy I realize is far better then a box full of watches I'm just ok with. I plan to cut the collection down to half at least. I have a final piece in mind once I complete my sell offs to add to the collection which will be for my 40th. A year and a half away stashing away pennies for the day! I can say I'm settling down as over the last two years I been more satisfied with my recent acquisitions then I have in 20 years of buying. Like many things in life when you get a little older you find out what you really like in life and become more certain in your choices. By the end of the summer I hope to sell off the ones I don't care for much and will do a thread on a much smaller collection and give my take on a short review of each piece and why I decided they were the ones that stayed. That's all I got for now! Thanks for reading.
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    I think it's natural for collecting phases to wax and wane. Perpetual acquisitiveness is not a healthy way of being. As for me, I'll hit age 52 in a week or two, and I am still wishing I could reach that realization that you are having!
    Of course, I'm also still trying to figure out what I'm going to do when I grow up.
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    I do the same thing. Try to make every pick up one that I can see myself spending s long time eith. Now it doesn't always work that way of course, but at least the intention is near always there. Will be time for some selloffs myself soon as I whittle it back down. I've decided a regular rotation of 8 plus some spares that stick around for sentimental or other reasons but don't typically get wear. I'm back up way beyond that again so it is time to cut it back.

    Which ones are you letting go?

    Congrats again on the little one. It really does change your perspective on things.

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    Not sure yet as far as the more expensive pieces. All my beater type watches, the orange and black Monsters, all my G Shocks and Suunto watches except for one each have gone already as at least two digitals will always be useful and have a place in the collection. A lot of the micro brand & vintage I weren't interested in anymore like my Lum Tec a ffew vintage pieces such as my 1969 Seiko and Helbros day date went to a relative. An old Brietling, a Tag 6000 series and Tag Kirium quartz chronograph, Kinetic Seiko Arctura and GMT and a while ago my Omega Seamaster C and Pam111G. No regrets so far.
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    I want to stay under 6K For the last addition (at least for a very long time) with part of the funds of selling off my other pieces these are the three in consideration for my 40th....

    Attachment 28028Attachment 28029Attachment 28030

    Leaning towards the Tank MC or JLC as I don't own a square/rectangular piece yet. The JLC I know is the most delicate and I'm kind of a brute admittedly as much as I like it, it is a concern, I miss having an Omega in my collection and love the looks, the faux patina lume, I"m totally over and love the display back. The Tank MC is also a beautifiul watch. Well for this one I will have a year and half to save and think so something else might pop up in the meantime but these three we do have another Basel coming up between now and then. Just sharing my thoughts on some favorites right now.

    There is also the Speedmaster, something I always loved and can't believe I never owned yet, might be time. With the Maurice Lacroix watches gone I will miss having a manual wind in the collection. Also still missing that chrono in the collection as well. Kill two birds with one stone....

    Not really looking for advise just sharing some thoughts but of course opinions are welcome....

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    its a perfectly natural progression especially as one gets older - if one has watches that are not worn - if one has watches of value that are not worn particularly -if family are not particularly interested or have no idea of the values or sentiments - turn them back into much needed funds -all kind of reasons
    often hear the phrase " i wouldn't sell any of my watches " - always makes me smile because that might be true of a small minority but i believe in the main they do or will eventually - after selling your first real 'keeper' it becomes quite easy to do and in many cases is very liberating to bring the numbers down to a manageable and sensible collection of pieces that you truly enjoy [and use]

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    couldn't of said that better myself!

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    Quote Originally Posted by -JP View Post
    The realization that many of these watches will need service down the road is another financial burden I don't think I'm willing to deal with. Buying the watches is not the problem, it's servicing 20+ mechanicals down the road I consider.
    Coudn't agree more. It's not only the price, but all the trouble: to find a good watchmaker, to deal (sometimes with terribly incompetent) "official" service centers, to keep everything in order...The whole process can become a real burden. And, after all, watches are only...things.

    Edit: Just one more thing: I've never sold a watch, but that doesn't mean I never will. For the moment, I own my watches. But if I feel they're starting to own me...I'll get rid of them. That's for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CFR View Post
    And, after all, watches are only...things. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriously View Post

    Ok, ok, Monsieur de La Palice (Palisse is also acceptable ) wouldn't have said it better. But sometimes, I have to remind myself of the obvious.
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