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Thread: How beautiful can a printed dial be?

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    How beautiful can a printed dial be?

    I've got into the habit of automatically assuming applied indices are preferable to printed. Lazy thinking is rarely a good idea, so please give me some examples to knock the complacency out of me.

    Before you get going, I'm mystified why anyone would order a Dornbluth without choosing the applied indices option.

    The watch that got me re/thinking this is Rick's LE Ebel, which has four applied indices and eight printed, without seeming to suffer

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    Time for a gratuitous Nivrel shot (again! )

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    'nuff said

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriously View Post
    Time for a gratuitous Nivrel shot (again! )

    Name:  nivreltoday.jpg
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    'nuff said
    Whats the dial made of? Is it some kind of enamel finish?

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    I believe we've had this conversation , but the blurb says it was painted animal lacquer?

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    Oh yes. I didn't understand then, and I still don't understand. Their dial department speaks a language all of its own

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    Agree with Der Amf.

    Trying to understand the terminology on some of their web pages can make your eyes glaze over.....
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    Great looking watch in any event :-)

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    This thread seems like a good excuse to introduce my newest arrival.

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    As I've discussed before, a printed dial makes sense on a dress watch with roman numerals in serif fonts, particularly when the case or bezel already has some aesthetic embellishment. The case in point is the Patek Philippe Calatrava 5119J with the hobnail bezel. I think applied indices with the hobnail bezel would have been overkill.

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    Those two watches make me wonder if there should be a thread entitled: Applied Roman Numerals: Can They Ever Work?

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