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Thread: How beautiful can a printed dial be?

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    Could you do a macro shot of the Club some time? From a distance I can't see where / what the qualities are. Does that white face glow or is it just honest to goodness matte white?
    My limited photographic equipment and abilities make that a challenge, but here at least are a couple of pics taken with an honest to goodness camera rather than my phone. The dial isn't completely flat, it has a very subtle shimmering quality to it. IMO the best part of the watch is the case which is really lovely. What I like most about the dial is the design, clean. slightly sporty and original.

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    I can't wait to look at these photos on my computer rather than via tapatalk's Square Custard filter

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    That's pretty cool. The colors of the watch lume in the dark reminds me a bit of the Star Trek display screens.

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    As a counter to Ric's silver chrono

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