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Thread: WRUW - Thursday - 13 August 2015

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    WRUW - Thursday - 13 August 2015

    Good morning.

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    Have a great day.
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    One more day...

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    Just was wearing these two visited my local AD. I have to say, you get use to the Speedmaster in photos after seeing it so much but in person it is just such a great looking chronograph. This is the sapphire version. I never disliked the Speedy but its always around on forums so never really gave it much thought and just thought it was a nice Omega...but wow in person it gave me all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings. May be my next watch. Also tried on the the Seamaster Master CoAx as this watch in competition with the Grand Seiko Diver when I choose a new traditional styled diver for the collection and was curious if I made the right decision. Besides the lovely display back I prefer my GS Diver. Even the the GS is 44MM compared to this 41MM the long lugs made it wear bigger. Still was very nice in person with a great finishing to the brushed and polished surfaces....
    (Edit) man that Speedy fit like a glove! Just love it and in real life looks much more stunning I have to say!

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    Quote Originally Posted by -JP View Post
    that Speedy fit like a glove!
    Yep. Speedies (Pro) usually do that.

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    Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

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    New soft strap for my 21mm lug VSA chrono..

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    there's something about solid but supple leather... it feel totally different than leather strap with padding inside.. it feel so comfy on the wrist, leave no mark, hug and breath so well..
    dont do this with padded leather strap, you can ruin the glue or spit the sides...
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    so far i think this combo stay..
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    i'm not a good lume shot taker..
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    hope you all have a pleasant day Today...

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