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Thread: How did your dive watch fare? Test from 1966-68.

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    How did your dive watch fare? Test from 1966-68.

    Watchtime posted a story yesterday about a study conducted by the British Sub-Aqua Club looking at dive watches. The study started in 1966 and was written up in 1968. Apparently dive watches back then weren't the most reliable. Interesting "results" (not statistically significant, but still interesting) and some familiar names in the mix. Apparently, even back then, Seiko was a great bang for the buck.

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    Oh Zodiac...

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    No surprise by SEIKO.

    Zodiac has the most dives with 1900.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deCompression View Post
    No surprise by SEIKO.

    Zodiac has the most dives with 1900.
    The "Test" doesn't seem appropriately weighted based on number of dives to test units as you suggest. That said, it's not surprising that seiko was on top even then.

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