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Thread: Question for those with experience with bronze....

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    Question for those with experience with bronze....

    As some of you guys know, I recently got my Magrette Vantage Bronze watch a few weeks back. I gave it a good cape cod polish as I wanted to start out fresh with a natural aging patina on the case. My question is over time, can I expect to see patina form on the bronze hands? Realizing they are inside the case I'm not expecting to see it anytime soon protected from all elements underneath the sapphire but with sunlight and various temperature changes do any of you see aging yet on your bronze hands? If so would love some pics!

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    I doesn't own a bronze watch but I think there are no changes.

    Bronze reacts only with air and liquids such as water, sweat, etc.
    Regards Phil


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    No you will not see patina inside the case. As you stated its protected and not designed like the case to age.

    Todd Marshall
    Magrette Watches

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    I don't know what the hands on my Regattare are (I assume just gold tone steel), but they haven't changed at all.

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