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Thread: Where to buy Sarb033 replacement end link.

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    Where to buy Sarb033 replacement end link.

    Hi folks
    I appear to have misplaced a solid end link for my Seiko sarb033 whilst shopping for replacement spring bars with a toddler in tow....😔
    Does anybody have any sage advice as to where I might go about sourcing a replacement?
    Thanks in advance....

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    Maybe here -

    I haven't searched, and searching isn't the easiest thing to do on that website, but they may be able to help you.

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    Maybe Seiya or Higuchi? Seiya-san has always been great to deal with...prompt and professional. Even when his prices are a bit higher than Chino or Higuchi, I buy from him.

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    I second Alan's recommendation of Lee at Contacting directly may be the best route. Seiya is away on vacation for a couple of weeks, but Higuchi might be able to help.

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    All good, thanks guys.
    It turned up on the watch repair booth's counter.

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