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Thread: Pushin for some cushion LOL...

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    Pushin for some cushion LOL...

    cases that is!

    I use to own a Panerai 111G and missed the cushion case. They are large but wear so well! After the Panerai I longed for the cushion style. Then after the JR 1681 I realized how much I missed the cushion style watch case so entered the Magrette the next month. Here's a few pics of my new cushions and I'm pushin you to try one out if you haven't and asking you to posts your cushions here if you got them!

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    The same but so different.....

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    I have two, one homage watch that I won't post here, a Getat, and of course you know the other one...

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    All very fine examples so far! Dauphine hands and a cushion case?! Thats about the nicest looking Tissot I ever gazed my eyes upon!

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    I love cushion case... gonna get me some more in the future... right now i only have a couple..
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    Dude, the crown placement on the Magrette is crazy. It's so weird having it there on a cushion case. I like it a lot.

    I still have to decide whether or not I want to get a seconds hand installed or just sell it.

    And this guy still has a busted movement, which I would like to get repaired. So good looking, but it broke almost the second I got it, and I never got the chance to send it in for repairs. Kind of a perfect beater watch too, with the high WR and screwdown pushers.

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    Such a '70s thing to my mind, as that was when I started paying attention to watches. I used to have more from that era, many now moved on to others. These are what I have now:

    1978 Bucherer

    Oceanus solar atomic

    1978 GuB Spezimatic

    1974 Sea-Gull ST7 case

    I'll be honest that I'm not sure this very "Japanese" shape of the Orient Somes counts as a cushion case. It has some points in common with old Grand Seikos, not quite in the range of classic cushion but I'll stick it in here anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raza View Post
    Dude, the crown placement on the Magrette is crazy. It's so weird having it there on a cushion case. I like it a lot.
    The Sinn T2 has it the crown at 4 as well and I quite like it too. The crown never digs into my wrist.

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