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Thread: Is your Beijing SB18 movement as accurate as it is pretty?

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    Is your Beijing SB18 movement as accurate as it is pretty?

    This much-enthused-over movement adds a premium to the price of a Beijing - not sure if I've read many compliments for its performance.

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    Haven't timed mine over multiple days, but over 24h it's been between 3-6 second slow (16h on wrist, 8h in box dial up). The winding is very smooth, but I will say the crown action isn't perfect. There is some wiggle in the hands when inserting at times.

    Have the same issue with the t18 in the ZunJue. It also isn't perfect in the date quick set.

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    Accurate in consistency or regulation.

    Former yes, very. Pretty sure they bed in so probably don't get set spot on at the works. Noticed Roland's to be the same too.

    From memory time testing BeiHai was at first gaining a min./wk. , pretty sure less than half last checked. As rarely worn/ run too long not noticed.

    B18 is similar. As meij. pointed out this has the dreaded mid date position, no were near as iffy as the zunjue, which is not a beijing movement btw. More like the iffy finding of eta/st21, instead of the citizen/shanghai doddle

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    Just saw an advert for a ZhuFeng that's been serviced and now doing +2

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    I have three SB18's, but I timed only one of them, my first, the ZhuFeng. I don't remember exactly but it was very accurate, within one or two seconds per 24h.

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    Looks very nice regardless of the performance, IMHO.
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    Bought a Zhufeng S with a B18 but having to return it as there's something getting in the way of smooth setting of the time. (details here)

    btw the accuracy was nothing special: +10 seconds in 18 hours.

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    Noticed SB18 better than B18 for some reason btw. Pity about the date slot too

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