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Thread: New reasonably priced HE from Jacquet Droz

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    New reasonably priced HE from Jacquet Droz

    Just saw this pop up in the feed reader.

    Looks like a basic 3 hander by Jacquet Droz at ~US $9.9k (removing th 7% tax).

    I'm quite surprised to see them move into the <10k market, TBH.

    The watch is quite a stunner too and offered in 2 sizes - 39mm and 43mm

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    Interesting, and a departure from their trademark "little dial with big seconds" designs. I tried one of the latter on once, and was disappointed in how hard it was to read. Finishing was beautiful, though. I can't decide if I like the date window on this one or not--on one hand, it's interesting and different, on the other it seems a bit distracting--your eyes are drawn to it instead of the time.

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    Very nice, especially the blue.

    I see their fixation with the number '8' is only just in evidence...

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    It's nice, but I fear they've chosen their sizes a bit wrong, at least for me. 39mm is a good size that will suit most people, but I feel like 43 will suit very few, since it's a dress watch and has that big dial; it'll look too big.

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