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Thread: <<<< WRUW Tuesday 18 Aug 2015? >>>>

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    <<<< WRUW Tuesday 18 Aug 2015? >>>>

    It's Tuesday in most of the world, and I know I'm wearing my Glycine Airman Base 22 MLV.

    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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    For me it's going to be a 1963.

    Not sure which yet.

    Ed 1963 and Sea-Gull 1963

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    Back to Orient Defender... i have 4 orients and this one is my fav.. 42mm that sit just right on my wrist.. balance.. every thing is alligned.. runs well regulated from the factory.. screw down crown, ah and i just test the lume last night.. charge in midnite and i can read the time just fine in the dawn/early morning.. good enough for me..

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    the suede strap seem darken a bit during use.. nothing i can do about it.. it is a temporary strap anyway until i can make a better one..
    i've tried it on nylon, commercial thick strap, its original factory strap and nato, but this supple suede seem to feel the best on the wrist..
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    i still not sure the 'type' of this watch.. either it is flieger or field or something else.. but i do enjoy it.. i usually not fond of 24h dial and the retrogate day, but i like it on this one..

    a poor attemp of lume shot after take pict outside..
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    hope everybody have a nice day... i really do..

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    Think I'll break out the 1940s Lemania today.

    Watch centric instagram: @tempocalypse

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    New watch honeymoon continues
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    Explorer again today

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