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Thread: Photocall for your 37mm or smaller *vintage* chronos

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    Photocall for your 37mm or smaller *vintage* chronos

    The call for chronos in current production under 39mm brought a lot of watches at 38mm, plus a few smaller Pateks. If we look at vintage watches, can we lower the bar by 1mm....?

    *feels sure OhDark30 must have something for us*

    ps this instance, take vintage to mean simply no longer in current production
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    Photocall for your 37mm or smaller *vintage* chronos

    Well the Strela is 36
    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1440072425.440697.jpg
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    and the Junghans J88, also 36 from old threads (I'm in Wigan at the mo, distant from my callipers)

    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1440072648.126517.jpg
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    Most of the rest are 38 from memory, but I'll check properly when I get home
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    I only have these two @ 36-37mm

    Name:  Breitling Premier 8.jpg
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    Name:  Zenith_156_1.jpg
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    but there are a lot of Universal Genève @ 32-33mm and a few Omega.

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    This Heuer Carrera 1964 Re-Edition ref. CS3110 is not really that old (late 90's), but it is also not in current production. If you want a modern watch with a movement built to modern standards, but in a vintage design and case size, it's worth hunting up.

    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1435022924.624276.jpg
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    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1435023077.098471.jpg
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    The movement is a Lemania 1873, which is the same as the Omega 1861 used in the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch.

    Case size is 36mm. This watch is nearly identical to the actual 1964 Carrera, except that it used a Valjoux 72 and thus the pushers were further from the stem.

    Rick "noting Heuer's placement of minute and seconds tracks outside the chapter ring to open up the dial" Denney
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    Photocall for your 37mm or smaller *vintage* chronos

    And of course, at 37, my 70s Citizen 67-9119 flyback auto chrono day date
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    amazing that they managed to fit it all in there
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    1948 should be plenty vintage enough.

    Lemania own brand chronograph (no reference number, unlikely it even had one!) with 2310 (ch27) movement. 36mm

    Watch centric instagram: @tempocalypse

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    If you want to see vintage chronos, you should check out watchfred's IG account. Very impressive, I don't know of anyone else who has a bigger vintage chrono collection

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    Did you ever see the thread on the vintage section of the other place called "smallest chronograph"? There are some tiny ones over there.
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    Name:  BILD0027.JPG
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    Had a check as thought it may be, 37mm

    Name:  BILD0675.JPG
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    Knew this was 37mm

    Name:  LGIM0026.jpg
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    If anything, slightly less than 37mm

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    I believe the Seamaster 321's were only 35mm.

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