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Thread: $$$$$ WRUW Friday 21st AUG'15 $$$$$

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    $$$$$ WRUW Friday 21st AUG'15 $$$$$

    I'll start one today...

    one of my older model orient... bought it when i was in 'poorman grand-seiko lust'... i didn't wear it much even though i admit, the 38mm case with curve 20mm lugs and sapphire glass actually hug my small wrist exceptionaly well..
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    with this basic movement, they should not bother to put display back..
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    it is my most accurate orient.. when in normal wear condition, it is just spot on.. almost quartz like..
    it ws a better option for me back then -- than try to score some vintage since i dont have the budget for movement service.
    i also learn that i need more contrast in the dial.. in white all room, sometime the hands is almost disapear.. i would still keep this one though..

    have a great weekend everybody!!

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    Doing a week with all-Germans. I guess I'll alternate between vintage and recent, so that would make Friday a good day for the Stowa Antea 390

    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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    One hander today
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    The new Tatoskok on mesh

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    Can't remember the last time I trotted out this one, but it called to me tonight. Ca 1974 Birks-branded LCD,14k GF, powered by an early ESA 9315 module:
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    photo from a week ago

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    One good thing about being back at work. More long sleeves and work attire means the dressier watches gets more rotation.

    Beijing ZunJue today

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