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Thread: Time to change a watch.

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    Time to change a watch.

    When does one watch come off your wrist so another can take its place?

    Setting aside the days when I don't have enough to do and change them two, three...maybe even four times...then acknowledging my wardrobe doesn't demand much in the way of coordinated accessories, my method is to wear a watch till I get sick of it. Normally this takes place just after I wake up. I'll wear one for a few days then realize I can't stand looking at it any longer so I go to the box to see if something usually does and the cycle repeats. After a week or two all is well and my watches & I become pals again.
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    I'm pretty much the same way. I get fatigue from looking at it, or from the feel on my wrist. Make the switch, and then it'll take a week or so and then I'm ready to wear the other again.

    This is a main reason I could never think of having only one watch.

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    When it no longer fits my mood or the occasion/task at hand. I've been wearing my MM300 a lot lately (I'm writing a piece about it as well, but that was inspired by how much I was wearing it, not the other way around), and since it's still summertime, a diver fits. Plus, it's a great watch. Necessity dictates I don't wear my B-1 right now, because the bracelet is too tight for my wrist in this weather. The Monaco gets sparing use, so as to not risk it and/or wear out the blue alligator strap, often that's the case with the Speedmaster as well. And I went on a long run with the Pan Europ, so I gave that a break. Really, that's the main bulk of my collection (at least that's what I want to get it down to, minus a couple pieces with sentimental value).

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    When I saw the thread title, my first thought was, "Into what?"

    For me, unless I'm traveling, it's a different watch each day depending upon wardrobe and mood. I don't often change during the day, unless it's a weekend and I have a casual watch during the daytime and switch to something nicer to go out to dinner.

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    Pretty much the same for me.

    I try to wear each watch at least once a month, unless I am traveling, or the wet weather calls for diver.

    And because of how I rotate my watches, I will always find new joy every time I put one on.

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    Daily, rotate through 'em one by one, day by day, rinse and repeat over and over . . .

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    Pretty much same as mlcor as well. I pick a new watch every morning depending on outfit, weather, mood. Or sometimes I decide on watch first and then pick clothes that matches.

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    I rotate (at least) daily, unless it's a new piece, and then I give it a proper amount of wrist time. Eventually I feel guilty and it goes into regular rotation with the others.

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    I'll rotate daily, sometimes wrist swap among two or three for a few days to keep them running.
    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ljb187 View Post
    When does one watch come off your wrist so another can take its place?

    Fridays, generally in the afternoon or evening. It's one of my big weekly events.

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