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Thread: Hi

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    Oi oi!
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    Welcome, sir. I for one know little to nothing of Rado history but I feel that could change soon with all the new Rado enthusiasts coming in. I think you will enjoy the surroundings.

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    I have a few electrical Rados.
    The Hardtrons are my favourites.

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    Just need to work out how to do the pics.

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    ATO Licenced Marstron (the body was to be used for the Z)

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    ESA 9162 Spacetron lookalike (wont allow me to do portrait for some reason)

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    Great looking watches!

    I recently learned that pics on here get turn 90 degrees if they are of a certain size. I was instructed to crop mine slightly, and they now stay true to original

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    Quote Originally Posted by StuzL View Post
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    You didn't mention you have a Murano.
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    Twas in my original post. It is my favourite and I also have a complete spare case (glass damages easy).. Think it is also a (rarer?) later 625.3052.4 model with gold batons.
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