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Thread: Longines L2.794.4.53.2 Heritage 1935 Review.

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    Longines L2.794.4.53.2 Heritage 1935 Review.

    I have now had the Longines Heritage 1935 for roughly a week. It has only been off my wrist twice and both of those were to avoid potential damage. The Heritage 1935 is Longines homage to their original piece built to a Czech armed forces specification. While the Longines is the best known version of that watch, Eterna and Lemania also built versions of that specification. Eterna has also built an homage of their version.

    A little preamble before the review itself. I rarely get a chance to watch shop here. The Birks and one local jeweller have started bringing in brands over the last two or three years but previous to that their was only a non AD Rolex seller and some Tissot sellers. The store I visited in Montreal, Chateau D'Ivoire, advertises itself as "The Basel of Montreal", which is not inaccurate. The store is an AD for no less than 40 watch brands ranging from Tissot to Rado, Ebel and Montblanc. From Omega, Tudor and Rolex to GO, IWC, Breguet and BP. At the high end VC, AP and ALS are all represented. The rep who assisted me was wearing a gorgeous vintage Eterna, which is a brand not available at the Chateau. A good start, in my opinion. When I questioned Michel about his watch, he told me that he had spent thirty years working for Birks in their watch division and the first several were spent assembling the Birks Eternas. Another good sign.

    I went to the Chateau intending to try roughly 8 watches built by Tudor, Rado and Longines. I managed to try all 8 on and while the Tudor Ranger and the Longines Legend Diver both held their appeal the Rado Hyperchrome Grande Second proved really unappealing on my wrist. The last and cheapest watch I tried was the Heritage 1935 and on my wrist it was so far ahead of everything else that retrying the Ranger and the LLD only confirmed the dominance of the1935.

    Longines claims the 1935 is a 42mm cushion case but I measure it as just shy of 41. The shortish lugs keep the height down to a manageable 50mm. They also angle inward and downward which helps keep the size down as well. I have a flat 6 3/4" wrist and have no problem wearing this watch. The case is uniformly polished.

    P8270747 by Hank Blanc, on Flickr

    The raised, slightly domed sapphire crystal makes the watch 11mm high. The 31 mm diameter dial is surrounded by a coin rim bezel. On the original watch the bezel rotated but here it is fixed.

    P8270731 by Hank Blanc, on Flickr

    P8273203 by Hank Blanc, on Flickr

    The case back is a solid steel screw in case back with a vertical brushing. While it is not strictly a limited edition the 1935 is being built in relatively ( by modern standards) small numbers and each watch bears a regular Longines serial number and an individual Heritage 1935 number.

    P8270707 by Hank Blanc, on Flickr

    The pliant 22mm black alligator strap features white stitching and ends in a winged pin buckle.

    P8270708 by Hank Blanc, on Flickr

    The Longines Calibre L 615 is an ETA 2895-2 small seconds with date movement. It is adjusted via an 8mm crown, big enough for ease of use and small enough to be unobtrusive. This view also gives a good impression of the side profile of the 1935.

    P8270717 by Hank Blanc, on Flickr

    The most visible deviation from the original design is the date window at 6. Longines seems to be obsessed with putting date windows in their heritage pieces and many watch fans are critical of this, including me. In real life, however, I find the watch so beautifully executed that I am not bothered by the date in the least.

    P8273200 by Hank Blanc, on Flickr

    Mercedes/ cathedral hands are one of the numerous features on this watch that usually bother me, but not here.

    P8273202 by Hank Blanc, on Flickr

    While the domed sapphire crystal does not come close to looking like the original acrylic crystal, Longines have put several layers of AR coating on the inside but none on the outside. This decision coupled with the black semi gloss laquer dial does allow the light to play in a way that is vaguely reminiscent of a vintage piece.

    P8270725 by Hank Blanc, on Flickr

    P8270727 by Hank Blanc, on Flickr

    I have read numerous complaints about the lume on the 1935. While it is not nearly as bright as my D-Star I find the watch easily readable throughout the night. It is reasonably legible and sharp and this undoubtedly helps with it's readability.

    P8270748 by Hank Blanc, on Flickr
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    Thank you very much for the review and for the excellent photos.

    Having already tried on the Heritage 1935 I guess our opinions are very similar. I admit that the fixed bezel irritated me a bit and the date, well, I still can't understand why Longines insists... On the other hand, the brand success suggests that they know what they're doing. So, what can I say?!

    The hands are period correct and I actually like them.

    Overall, I like the watch; it's a fine design and - despite the other brands with similar aesthetics - this Longines is quite distinct wihout the need for any (unwelcome) extra extravaganza.

    Thanks again for the review and enjoy your new Longines, Henry.

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    Great review, and lovely pictures (of course). It's really quite a coincidence that you said this:

    "Mercedes/ cathedral hands are one of the numerous features on this watch that usually bother me, but not here."

    When, in the WRUW thread just before I read your review, I said this:

    "Great pictures, as always. You know, the interesting thing about this watch for me is that it has a number of features/characteristics I'm not particularly fond of on their own ("mosquito" hour hand, cushion case, style of Arabic numbers, bezel design, and yet, when they are all put together on this watch, I think it's beautiful. Can't explain it, the watch just works for me holistically. Go figure. "

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    It's a handsome and classy watch. The absence of the internal pointer is a bit of a shame, but I suppose it's Longines' heritage and they can do what they like with it. As an attractive tribute, it works. Given a vote, I wouldn't have voted for a date, but actually it looks fine and it may increase showroom appeal for most buyers.

    All in all, very nice, and a watch with character.

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    Great review, Henry! Thanks for posting this. Longines has a lot going on, and seems to be on the rise (similar to Omega 10-15 years ago?). I wonder if they will ultimately see the same fate of Swatch trying to move them "up scale". Watches like this seem almost under valued.

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    Great review, awesome pics (as always). I'll jump on the 'individual components aren't usually to my taste but they seem to work together' band wagon - looks great. Date windows can be annoying but I do find them handy and really miss them when I glance down and they're not there so...

    Lovely watch, Henry!
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    Thank you for an excellent review and photos, Henry. The Longines Heritage 1935 is a really lovely watch, and as others have noted, the separate parts work well together, resulting in a beautiful timepiece. Wear it in good health. I will definitely need to check out the Chateau next time I am in Montreal.

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    Most have already been said, so I will just thank you for an excellent review and some beautiful pictures.

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    Great review and pictures Henry. Really like the cushion case with that dial. Very nice.
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    Great review Henry, love the watch.
    Regards Cam

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