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Thread: Longines L2.794.4.53.2 Heritage 1935 Review.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OhDark30 View Post
    It's a great watch, Henry!
    Lots of history, and a well-executed modern version
    I looked at getting myself an issue Longines Czech Air Force watch at one time, I do like its capable elegance

    Re the bezel - yes, the triangle marker sits on a rotating bezel ring in the original m has pictured.
    Like the red mark on coin-edged rotating bezels, it gives pilots the ability to time down to an event (eg low fuel) or up (from a navigation turning point), by reading the time difference between the minute hand and the marker
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    pic: ruscamera on ebay, Poljot 3133 Kirova chrono re-issue
    Quote Originally Posted by meijlinder View Post
    Was thinking same as Geoff. How did the original design look?

    Edit: Googling lead me to this image
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    The triangle at 12 I guess is connected to the rotating bezel.
    Quote Originally Posted by geoffbot View Post
    What would a rotating bezel add? It's not graduated...
    Quote Originally Posted by whatmeworry View Post
    Great review and lovely pics. It does seem a shame that the bezel is fixed. I think subtly done rotating bezels are an underrated and under used feature
    Thank you all. OD30 has covered the purpose of the rotating bezel very well. I am guessing Longines made a decision, probably based on cost vs sales, that most people would not use the rotating bezel and that non- watch freaks wouldn't pay the extra cost for it. Here is an excellent photo from

    Name:  Longines Heritage 1935 and Czech Air Force comparison 5.jpg
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    In fact, here is his side by side comparison:

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    yep striking very nice indeed mate am so jel of some of your collection hell all of your collection come to think of it
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    Nice Pics Henry (as always), & excellent review.
    People sleep peaceably in their beds @ night ONLY because rough men stand ready to do VIOLENCE
    on their behalf.....



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