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Thread: Show your Seiko Prospex!

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    Show your Seiko Prospex!

    I am about to jump in and buy another couple of JDM Prospex.

    I've flipped about every Prospex out there and Jonesing for some Prospex love!

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    Still got the SD Tuna? Been day dreaming about adding that one in the collection for a while now. I only got the Shogun right now. It is surely a keeper. The most comfortable watch I ever owned. Highly scratch resistant and love the warmth of the non sapphire. 22mm lugs along with the non polished case and bracelet makes it nice n versatile for many strap options. This is only a few months old but the versatility and comfort keeps me going back to it for wrist time.

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    Nice Shogun. They look like they ride the wrist nicely. It's the only Prospex that I can think of that I haven't owned.

    I had both SD Tunas and they are great watches, but just too blingy for me.

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    Show your Seiko Prospex!

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    Black and Blue 'mo ...

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