This new version of the Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk — with a bit of a vintage look to it (the faux-faded hour dot markers and hands) — was recently revealed over at (German language site).** As I was looking around for more details on the watch, my interweb travels led me to other discussions, namely what seems to be the impending discontinuation (entirely) of the GP Hawk collection (which is the collection in which this watch resides).** While this would be a loss for many fans and also in some sense a loss for GP as the Hawk collection is the brand’s only “sport” line, this March 2015 interview with then recently appointed Girard-Perregaux CEO Antonio Calce (formerly of Corum) seems to suggest that the present view is that Hawk does not have a place in the Girard-Perregaux family.* Calce seems to indicate we will see the beginnings of a return to “heritage” in 2016, with a full roll-out in 2017.* Which is interesting because from what I have read the Sea Hawk does have a decent history within GP.* A lot of speculation here, for sure.* It will be interesting to see what happens, stay tuned.

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