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Thread: JLC Master Hometime

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    JLC Master Hometime

    This is an interesting, borderline high end watch that has two hour hands, one hidden under the other, for travelling. I posted a review when I first got it:!!

    Thought I would post a couple of macro shots. I've really got to take some time, think about lighting, and clean the watch better first.

    This is the 24 hour subdial; it tracks the home time hour hand, so you always know whether it's day or night back home. Note the sun patterned guilloché for a.m., and the "resting" pattern for p.m.

    Name:  JLC 24 Hour Large.jpg
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    The polishing of the hands is pretty amazing:

    Name:  JLC Hands Large 2.jpg
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    The movement's not bad, either.

    Name:  JLC Movement Large 2.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by mlcor View Post
    Note the sun patterned guilloché for a.m., and the "resting" pattern for p.m.

    Very nice indeed.

    That's not borderline for me, that's a good hour's driving into Luxland.

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    Great macro pix. Looks like an outstanding watch.
    "Either He's Dead, Or My Watch Has Stopped....."
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