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Thread: Watch Talk With Anu

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    Watch Talk With Anu


    My passion for watches along with the desire to learn & share them with the world is what’s led me here today. I have been a member of the watch community, attended numerous watch gatherings & events, and above all, have made a great deal of wonderful and lasting friendships with people from various different parts of the world. I have been incredibly blessed and fortunate to experience the beauty in the coming together of people who share the same passion with each other. That is the passion of watches.

    I decided this year that I wanted to really increase my understanding of watches, and thought it would be fun to interview people from the industry. I wanted to approach these interviews from my perspective which is a fashion and engineering background. Before I knew it, "Watch Talk with Anu" was born!

    There will be a new episode of “Watch Talk with Anu” each month, and we will see where this journey takes me!

    Thank you to Samanator, who I’ve met at a few of the Topper Events for suggesting that I post my videos on IWL!
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    Watch Talk With Anu Episode 1

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    Watch Talk With Anu Episode 2

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    Watch Talk With Anu

    I have met Anu during a trip out to California. I found out she was doing these a few weeks ago and asked if we could host these here in IWL. I think they are very well done so please if you have the time take a look.
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    Tell everyone you saw it on IWL!

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    Nice videos, thanks for hosting them here. Will they be in a sticky thread, or a new thread for each new video?

    Oh, and Rob looks like a watch geek. And I mean that in the best way possible. I'd buy a watch from him in a heartbeat.

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits

    love the idea
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    Russian Watches

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    Nicely done close-up camera work! Some drool-worthy watches at Topper, for sure. I live about 20 miles south of there and I've only been there once. I was lucky to escape without a big hole in my credit card.
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    Nice to meet you Anu!
    Very nicely done videos - concise and engaging!

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    Welcome. Very informative videos.
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    Thanks Anu, look forward to future installments.

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