By TLex Look at this big blushing bruiser; it's the P1070 Orange AKA the DEEPSEA from maverick German watchmakers, Vintage-VDB.

With a gob-smacking 12000 meters of water-resistance, it is one of the deepest diving wristwatches on the planet; equal only to the Rolex DEEPSEA Challenge.

The P1070 received its certification for 1200bar from the Frauenhofer Institute in Ilmenau, Thuringia, Germany, which is one of the only facilities capable of testing to such a high degree of pressure-resistance.

Special features of the watch include an orange bezel with a matching orange crown sleeve, SuperLuminova applied hands and markers and a specially engraved caseback.

The caseback engraving shows a graph dropping down to 10994m, the deepest point on earth at the bottom of the Challenger Deep in the Marianas trench - with the 8848m height of Mt. Everest for scale.

So what does a 12000 meter denison of the deep look like on your wrist? How does it wear; and will fit under a shirt cuff?

If you're asking these types of questions then the P1070 probably isn't for you! It isn't exactly a daily wearer, but what it is, is a piece hand-engineered diving history that will make a great conversation piece.

Like your divers really deep but haven't got 12000 euro knocking about? Why not check out the Kalmar II OceanicTime SE 8000M from H2O.