Now five collections strong since its debut in 2012, pioneer of the unique “mechanical fluid time display” HYT Watches is out with a new twist on its H2 model, the H2 Aviator.** Like other HYT watches, the H2 Aviator was created in partnership with Audemars Piguet & Renaud Papi.* This is not a “pilot’s watch” as one might think of it in the traditional sense.* Rather, the H2 Aviator is more along the lines of a design change which in total give it more of an “aviation” style; there is no new mechanical function (aviation or otherwise) vs the other H2 models.* One feature that is entirely new for HYT is the strap — this one is made of Kevlar (a synthetic fiber of high tensile strength used especially as a reinforcing agent in the manufacture of tires and other rubber products and protective gear such as helmets and vests).

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