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Thread: What to buy? Help please!

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    What to buy? Help please!

    So I've had my eye on a few watches the past few months.

    There's this Tag, which I like for two reasons. I want a Grande Date (Big Date) and I also want a full-lume dial.
    I can get it on the used market for around $650ish

    Then there's this Alpina Startimer Big Date. It ticks the big-date and pilot categories. Jomashop currently has it on sale for $495.

    Last but not least is this Alpina Seastrong Diver 300 big date for $649. Divers are my favorite and again, big-date plus the chrono.

    So the question, which would you buy or what else would you suggest? The only requirement is that it's no more than about $700 new/used and has a big-date.

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    I would have it without the big date .... But it's gotta be the Startimer !!!!

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    Weird, this was supposed to be a poll. =/

    Seriously, why do you choose the StarTimer?
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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    got to be honest not overly keen on any of them but the pilot had a cool crown and subdial

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    Quote Originally Posted by is that my watch View Post
    got to be honest not overly keen on any of them but the pilot had a cool crown and subdial
    I guess it's an acquired taste

    Two for the Pilot.
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    I've always had a soft spot for the mechanical (and non date) version of that watch , somebody offered me one once and I wish I'd got it.

    Crown is cool without being physically obtrusively sharp..

    We're talking Quartz here though aren't we?

    Startimer still though

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    Yeah, they are all quartz. I've never seen an affordable big-date that was also auto/mech.
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    First time I read it I misread it as them all being offered to you as mechanical 2nd hand ....

    Startimer still though !

    Have you ordered it yet

    (Goes off to see what I can get it for in GBP - THANKS buddy !! )

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    I had the Alpina.

    Great fit and finish, wears a bit bigger than it's 44mm size due to being mostly dial, but otherwise I found it to be a nicely made watch.
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    I think those watches show how hard it is to accommodate a big date. It looks particularly awkward on the Startimer. The Tag's hands look like they're fighting a losing battle against the other dial components.

    For me, the Seastrong has the strongest, cleanest and most balanced design. It's a confident looking thing.

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