Today we have a new release coming out of Glashütte – a new A. Lange & Söhne 1815 chronograph, boutique edition. As many of you know, the 1815 is the mighty Datograph's little brother, featuring the very same expertly finished and truly stunning manually wound chronograph caliber. In fact, some purists even prefer it to the Datograph for its lack of date, and thinner profile. There have been two generations of 1815 chronographs – the first looked like this, and the second like this. The difference between the two? The latter received an upgraded movement with longer power reserve, and a cleaner dial, void of a pulsation scale. Today, that changes.
A funny thing about the 1815 chronograph is that while the new watch, with larger registers and no pulsation on the dial features a new movement, it is the original 1815 chronograph the has proven to be more popular among collectors. Perhaps it is that vintage-y pulsation scale dial, or a slightly less formal look. The word seemed to have made it to Saxony as now we have a new 1815 chronograph, to be sold exclusively in the 16 global Lange boutiques that takes the best of both worlds.
This watch features the same 39mm case, same manually wound caliber, but now we have a blue pulsation scale over blue numerals on the dial. The hands are in white gold for the hours and minutes, and blue steel for the chronograph sweep hand. Again, this 1815 chronograph boutique edition is not a limited edition, just a piece in small production to be sold at Lange boutiques only. It remains to be seen how this will impact both the values and collectibiliyt of the current 1815 and first generation, from which this dial was borrowed. More here.