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Thread: A sighting of the elusive gold-plated 56-H B Chronometer

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    A sighting of the elusive gold-plated 56-H B Chronometer

    Hello friends,
    A Rado owner recently contacted me asking for info on a 56-H (second series, ca. mid-1960s) with gold-plated case (40 microns, I'm told). To date, we have spotted perhaps two of these, mainly random images on the interwebs lacking context or description. I have also seen (too late to bid) a Golden Horse with the 56-H steel case back belonging to a gold-plated model (the steel 56-H back is slightly different, if you can believe it, more anon...). This is the first confirmed and authenticated (by me, FWIW) gold-plated 56-H.

    The dial is standard Weissblatt (silver with gold markers) and the case is shaped like the 56-H/Horses of the era. Here is the definitive view of a gold-plated 56-H--the case back:

    Name:  g-p_model_steel_back.jpg
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    The differences between it and my steel example are minor: the g-p back denotes "stainless steel back" and the full steel version only states "stainless steel" (see below), while the placement of some elements is altered. I'm surprised Rado was so specific about the uses of steel, but perhaps it has to do with legal product labeling practices.

    More info soon, if I discover anything interesting.

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    Hi Brad!

    Interesting new info about the 56-H chronometer.
    I think the SS-backs are not too specific. The back is the same, just the embossed text on the outer ring is different and I assume that Rado received the bayonet casebacks just with the logo(seahorses, comet) and did the embossing of this additional text(patent numbers, model, ...) in house.

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