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Thread: Anybody using Vivaldi browser?

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    Anybody using Vivaldi browser?

    Guess this only applies to the few of us dinosaurs using computers for the bulk of our online activity.

    Anyway, I found it recently just started using it. Very friendly, customization, and feature filled though you have to kinda search for the what and how associated with it. Better than Firefox, much better than Chrome, and of course infinitely better than that "browser I refuse to mention".

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    I have looked at it a couple of times, but I will hold off until they implement the sync feature. I use so many different devices that I need that capability.

    I am still on Chrome and the latest version improved things considerably. Much less memory usage that I used to have.

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    I am still on Chrome and the latest version improved things considerably
    Totally agree. Much better with the updated version.
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    I've never heard of it. I'm a Chrome user (Safari on iPad and iPhone though), and I really love it. It would take something truly special for me to switch.
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    I have staff who type my responses in by proxy, and they have no permission from me to type on their own behalf, what I do know though is they rely on a technical person to load the browser onto the computer, ...... so I'll get back to you.........

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