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Thread: FS: Ball Engineer Master II Arabic 38mm - 300!

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    FS: Ball Engineer Master II Arabic 38mm - 300!

    This is a great watch, but always seems to lose out to my Archimede when I fancy something pilot-esque so I'm offering it up here.
    It's in good condition but there are a couple of caveats which the price reflects.
    1) there is some tarnish of some kind on the hour hand which hopefully the photos show
    2) the bracelet doesn't have the full complement of spare links - it fits my 6.3" wrist but if yours is bigger than that you'll want a strap for it (to be honest the bracelet is a bit of a struggle to get on anyway). BUT, IMHO the watch looks way better on leather anyway and that's how I've generally worn in.
    Other minor things to not are a few small scratches to the polished case and a bit of a graze at about 10 o'clock. It's not a new watch or one that has been babied so please see the pics for condition.

    It runs very well (probably my most accurate auto) and the crisp day and date change at midnight is joy in itself. The previous owner believed it was serviced in about 2012 but I can't confirm that. The domed sapphire crystal is very nice and the tritium tubes glow (I have little experience of these so don't know how bright they are compared to other watches but they are certainly legible at night.
    To my eyes it's a very handsome watch with a distinctive look in a very wearable size, I just don't wear it enough to justify hanging onto it.

    Supplied with box and bracelet (note caveat above!) but not the leather strap.

    Ball Engineer II Arabic 38mm on Rios New Orleans strap #womw #watchnerd #watchesofinstagram #watchporn #swisswatch #ballwatch #ball #watchfam #instawatches #affordableWT #iwatchleague #teamIWL #awesome by Olly Clarke, on Flickr

    IMG_2722.JPG by Olly Clarke, on Flickr

    IMG_1407.JPG by Olly Clarke, on Flickr

    Note slight graze on bezel
    IMG_2721.JPG by Olly Clarke, on Flickr

    Tarnish on hour hand proved hard to capture but you can see it in here if you look at the full size version.

    IMG_2719.JPG by Olly Clarke, on Flickr

    Price is what I paid, a very reasonable (but firm) 300 including RMSD in the UK.If it doesn't got for that I'll keep it or try my luck on eBay
    I have loads of sales here and at the other place and on TZ-UK.
    Trades considered, but I'm fussy
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    Bump. I'm listing this just here for another day and then I'll start advertising it elsewhere. I don't expect it to hang around when I do that.

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    SOLD elsewhere

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