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Thread: black suede straps

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    black suede straps

    With no strap and bracelet specific sub-forum I'm posting this topic here.

    Will a suede strap always appear a little light in color due to the rough finish of the leather?

    Is there a black suede strap that is dark black?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckmiller View Post
    Will a suede strap always appear a little light in color due to the rough finish of the leather?

    That would be my suspicion, but I have no evidence.

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    This looks pretty black! It looks like it has been lit very brightly (look at the blown out buckle) to bring out the texture so in real life should be even darker

    I have a grey one from B&L and its very comfy.
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    I've a few of these and yes, they're black:

    Name:  Omega Speedy_pro45.jpg
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    I think that as dust, exfoliated skin cells, and other goodies get trapped in the nap of the suede they will lighten the appearance.

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