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Thread: Let's get to know each other: share your favorite things

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    Let's get to know each other: share your favorite things

    Hi fellow divewatch lovers,

    we all share the same passion, divewatches in all forms, colors and sizes. This tells us something about who we are, so lets extend that a bit. I will let you know what I like, I don't mean what I am dreaming of but stuff I actually own (or have owned) and that is my all time favorit, not just the brand but also the model. So no grails..........and you can only name 1!

    Feel free to copy/paste, add, whatever you like.

    Favorite watch: Tudor Black Bay Blue on bracelet
    Favorite car: Volvo V70 D5 Nordic+ 2014
    Favorite motorcycle: Ducati 996 (sold it some years ago)
    Favorie bicycle: Sparta Bullit
    Favorite food: Indonesian
    Favorite holiday destination:Bali, Indonesia
    Favorite hotel: Laguna Spa Resort, Nusa Dua, Bali
    Favorite jeans: Levi's 501
    Favorite shoes: Converse All Stars
    Favorite pen: Montblanc Meisterstuck
    Favorite brand cigars/cigarettes: stopped smoking in 2012
    Favorite lighter: see above
    Favorite alcohol: I don't drink
    Favorite soda drink: Coca Cola
    Favorite mobile: iPhone 5s
    Favorite camera: see above
    Favorite dog: chocolate brown labrador
    Favorite cat: I am not a cat lover, sorry
    Favorite movie: The Green Mile
    Favorite tv serie: Walking Dead
    Favorite actor: Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained, Inglorious Bastards)
    Favorite actress: Charlize Theron
    Favorite music: Funk
    Favorite artist/band: Tower of Power
    Favorite radiostation: Sublime FM

    Looking forward to your list!

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    I dive so I use dive watches, I don't like them all because there are far to many that are poorly designed for diving use, at least for my use.
    Favorite watch: Omega SMP like the 2254 or pre co-ax Bond
    Favorite car: Prius, I love not giving money to the oil companies, or my GMC because its a great dive support vehicle.
    Favorite motorcycle: Don't care
    Favorie bicycle: none
    Favorite food: yes
    Favorite holiday Any day in the water
    Favorite hotel: ?
    Favorite jeans: Levi's 501
    Favorite shoes: Merril Moc
    Favorite pen: whatever is there when I need it
    Favorite brand cigars/cigarettes: Don't Smoke
    Favorite lighteruPont or Dunhill
    Favorite alcohol: I don't drink
    Favorite soda drink: Diet Pepsi
    Favorite mobile: iPhone 5s
    Favorite camera: Canon G-15 because I use it for diving
    Favorite dog: Weiner Dog
    Favorite cat: all Cats are cool
    Favorite movie: Tombstone
    Favorite tv serie:
    Favorite actor:
    Favorite actress:
    Favorite music: Rock
    Favorite artist/band: Doors
    Favorite radiostation: XM 127

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    Favorite watch: Omega Ploprof
    Favorite car: Ford F250 SuperDuty
    Favorite motorcycle: Ducati 999
    Favorie bicycle: WHAT???
    Favorite food: Greek
    Favorite holiday destination: Italy
    Favorite hotel: Disney's Animal Kingdom
    Favorite jeans: Slacks man
    Favorite shoes: Boots
    Favorite pen: Zebra
    Favorite brand cigars/cigarettes: Never
    Favorite lighter: Whatever lights the fireplace
    Favorite alcohol: I don't drink
    Favorite soda drink: Sprite
    Favorite mobile: Samsung Galaxy
    Favorite camera: Nikon
    Favorite dog: Border Collie
    Favorite cat: Regular cat
    Favorite movie: Shawshank Redemption
    Favorite tv serie: Manhattan
    Favorite actor: Morgan Freeman
    Favorite actress: Tina Fey
    Favorite music: Like all music
    Favorite artist/band: The Police
    Favorite radiostation: XM103

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    Favorite watch: Anything ALS
    Favorite car: Porsche Turbo S
    Favorite motorcycle: Any Ducati
    Favorite bicycle: Trek
    Favorite food: Greek/Italian/Mexican
    Favorite holiday destination: Estes Park, Colorado
    Favorite hotel: Cosmopolitan in Vegas
    Favorite jeans: Lucky Brand
    Favorite shoes: Allen Edmonds
    Favorite pen: Pelikan
    Favorite brand cigars/cigarettes: Nope
    Favorite lighter: My napalm torch
    Favorite alcohol: Stella and Patron
    Favorite soda drink: Root Beer
    Favorite mobile: Samsung Galaxy S 4
    Favorite camera: Nikon
    Favorite dog: Pit Bull
    Favorite cat: Is this a trick question?
    Favorite movie: The Big Sleep
    Favorite tv serie: Family Guy/The Simpsons
    Favorite actor: Humphrey Bogart
    Favorite actress: All of them
    Favorite music: Big Band/Swing
    Favorite artist/band: Sinatra
    Favorite radio station: KCSM- SF Jazz Station
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    Groucho Marx

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    Favorite watch: Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

    Favorite car: Porsche 911 (any year or model other than the 996)

    Favorite motorcycle: the one I'm not on.

    Favorie bicycle: My Trek 6000

    Favorite food: authentic Chinese (as opposed to our North American)

    Favorite holiday destination: my mother-in-law's house in Florida because it is easy and relaxing, just what a vacation should be.

    Favorite hotel: Bellagio, Las Vegas

    Favorite jeans: Mexx

    Favorite shoes: Blundstones

    Favorite pen: Zebra F701

    Favorite brand cigars/cigarettes: don't really smoke but the occasional cigar would be a Rocky Patel

    Favorite lighter: none

    Favorite alcohol: Don Julio Reposado or Canadian Club Sherry Cask

    Favorite soda drink: Cherry Coke

    Favorite mobile: anything but my crappy blackberry

    Favorite camera: Canon

    Favorite dog: mine

    Favorite cat: Yours

    Favorite movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Favorite tv serie: Walking Dead

    Favorite actor: don't have one

    Favorite actress: Don't have one

    Favorite music: Alternative

    Favorite artist/band: don't have one

    Favorite radiostation: Actual radio and not slacker? Indie88 in Toronto

    "I'm just a witness"

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    Sorry for the double post

    "I'm just a witness"

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    What double post?

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    Tapatalk was showing my post as a double...

    "I'm just a witness"

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    It's acting a little funny.

    "I'm just a witness"

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    Favorite watch: Omega Speedmaster

    Favorite car: Porsche 356

    Favorite motorcycle: Not really interested

    Favorie bicycle: My Willier

    Favorite food: Italian

    Favorite holiday destination: Fiji

    Favorite hotel: Sheraton Port Denarau Fiji

    Favorite jeans: whatever fits

    Favorite shoes: Camper

    Favorite pen: never been able to keep one long enough to build a relationship

    Favorite brand cigars/cigarettes: non smoker

    Favorite lighter: none

    Favorite alcohol: Tanqueray Gin

    Favorite soda drink: Coke

    Favorite mobile: iPhone

    Favorite camera: Nikon- currently have a D5100 but want a D750

    Favorite dog: Jack Russell Terriers

    Favorite cat: meh

    Favorite movie: mmmm so many, The Last of the Mohicans..maybe

    Favorite tv series: Game of Thrones

    Favorite actor: George Clooney

    Favorite actress: Madeline Stowe- check her out in the last of the Mohicans….purrfection

    Favorite music: wide range

    Favorite artist/band: Coldplay

    Favorite radiostation: listening to cricket!!

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