If there’s something we don’t talk about enough here, it’s watch accessories. We’ve done a couple strap reviews, but this is the first time we’ve shed light on a carrying case. Watch rolls can be convenient, but for my taste, they’re a bit awkward in rolled-up form. Also, depending on thickness, they may not be the most protective option. That’s why I was very excited to stumble upon the Discommon Goods Watch Wallet.

Discommon Goods is an interesting brand that produces highly creative products in low volume. This young company is driven by two guys (Neil and Jeremy) who have experience in engineering and product development, to go along with deep industry connections. In essence, they come up with interesting products and collaborate with the right designers from companies like Oakley, The Macallan, and Ducati designer Bart Janssen-Groesbeek. The end results of their collaborations are unique and interesting, and typically sell out rather quickly.

One of their latest projects is called the Watch Wallet, and I must say, it’s one of the more thoroughly designed watch accessories I’ve seen. First off, the ergonomics make much more sense to me than a watch roll. Having the shape of what could very well be a covered notebook, the Watch Wallet should fit easily into a shoulder bag, backpack, or briefcase. It also wouldn’t look out of place if you were openly carrying it, whereas a watch roll would look a little odd.

In terms of functionality, the Watch Wallet is just right for travel (or going to Red Bar events). It safely holds two watches in the left side of the case, with the right side having two pockets right for a passport and ticket. The watch pockets are set up so the heads are on opposite sides, and the straps or bracelets held down by a strip of leather and a metal stud. I loaded my Watch Wallet up with the two largest watches I have, as well as my expired passport, Field Notes and a pen, and it snugly fit everything. I’m very much looking forward to putting it through its paces during some upcoming trips.
Your watches are held down safely and securely

The Watch Wallet is primarily made of Italian calf leather, and lined with tweed. Upon close inspection, the stitching appears to be hand-done in most places – which I love. That means it’s not going to be perfectly uniform, but adds a bespoke character to it. All of the assembly and construction was done in the US, which will probably add appeal for a lot of folks. The best part of the construction – in my opinion – is the padding inside the front and back covers. Discommon collaborated with D3O, a company specializing in shock absorption material. D3O works with, well, just name an industry in need of protective padding, and you’ll probably find D3O. The Watch Wallet is protected by 3mm of D3O’s Aero foam material. I wouldn’t recommend filling the Watch Wallet up with your watches and using it as a substitute cornhole bean bag, but you shouldn’t have to baby it. When all zipped up, the Watch Wallet feels very secure, with everything staying exactly where it should.

This is probably coming off as a ringing endorsement of the Watch Wallet, and frankly, I guess it is; I really love the product. If there’s anything about it that will cause hesitation, it’s the price. In the Italian calf leather, the price is $380 (the sold out Elk skin was $425). That’s a stiff price to pay for a travel case of this size, but the handmade nature of it and overall thoughtful design is hard to argue with. If it were mass-produced in China, I’m sure it would be a fraction of the price, but that’s not the case. At the moment, “Wolf Grey” and “Pebble Black” are the only ones available, and they seem to be going quickly. If you were on the market for a top quality travel watch case, this is where your search stops.
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