Good day, watch fans. Just a quick note to let you know that we’ve rounded out our collection of Shell Cordovan Model 2 straps with the addition of the most classic of classics, Black.

For those unfamiliar, Shell Cordovan is perhaps the finest leather in use. Made from a specific and very small part of a horsehide, the area just above the hip that actually is under the outer skin, Shell is known for it’s durability, supple texture and delicate sheen. It’s perfect for our Model 2 straps as they can be comfortably thin, fitting vintage watches particularly well, while also having little to no stretch.

Our new Black Shell Cordovan Model 2 is a true pitch black; clean and even. We emphasized the Black with charcoal linen thread that adds a touch of contrast and texture, but maintains an overall dark palette. Black shell, even more so than black leather, has an elegance that makes watches look sharp and refined. These are great for putting a new twist on your dress and light dialed watches.
Black Shell Model 2’s are available now in 18, 20 and 22mm for $89. Made in America
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